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Customer Service

At MRIoA we believe in providing the highest level of service throughout the entire review process. Every aspect of our service is done with strict attention to the client's expectations. Each year in our Client Satisfaction Survey we consistently receive exemplary scores in the areas of customer service. In the 2015 survey, 98% of MRIoA's clients reported total overall satisfaction. We consistently receive high marks for professionalism, friendliness, promptness, knowledge and for being proactive in offering solutions.

We excel at customer service by employing the following approach:

  • Employing highly qualified individuals that cultivate a culture of friendly, professional, high quality service
  • Providing an Account Management team
  • Assigning a National Marketing Representative who conducts on site visits to clients annually
  • Supplying 24/7 access for after hours, weekend and holiday service
  • Appointing a dedicated team of analysts who specialize in individual client's needs
  • Utilizing a focused implementation team from the onset for a new client and/or introduction of new product

We foster this corporate culture of exceptional customer service by adhering to the President's vision for customer service as documented below.

The President's Vision Statement for Customer Service at MRIoA

  1. MRIoA will be known as the BEST in customer service!
  2. We build relationships with our clients. They know our names and look forward to talking with us. They know they can rely on us individually and collectively.
  3. We understand our clients drive our business. Every client is important regardless of the size. We value all our clients' business.
  4. We return calls and emails within one hour. We always follow through and do what we say we'll do on time.
  5. We process all cases according to client expectations. Any questions are clarified up front.
  6. If we make a mistake we own it and discuss it with the client. We then do everything in our power to fix it. Clients don't expect us to be perfect. They will judge us on how we respond when an error is made.
  7. We are friendly, professional and helpful on the phone. When appropriate we ask how their day is going. We ask if there's anything else we can do to assist them before hanging up.
  8. If an issue is presented we listen to the client's point of view. We place ourselves in the client's shoes. We show empathy.
  9. We do everything in our power to meet the clients' TAT. If we have to be late we notify the client and give the new expected completion time.
  10. We provide a high quality review report. Any weaknesses are addressed before returning the review to the client.

We appreciate our clients and we never forget what keeps us in business.

"MRIoA is big enough to have the resources we need, but not so big we get lost."

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