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In today's workplace, people are a valuable asset that help drive your company's productivity and, ultimately, your bottom line. Illness and injury-related absences are driving costs increasingly higher. As an employer you recognize the need for outcome-based solutions focused on the health and productivity of your employees. MRIoA understands the assignment of disability is a decision that is permanent and has lasting effects on patients as well as disability administrators. Proper disability decisions necessitate attention to detail, exacting application of disability definitions and a well-rounded perspective when finalizing a decision. MRIoA helps meet these needs with a disability review panel that has an average tenure of seven years representing 133 medical specialties as well as operational and quality experience spanning three decades. Most decisively, our clients enjoy a three step quality assurance process which involves clinical oversight from our team of medical directors and nurse case auditors.

  • MRIoA is dedicated to providing you with case-specific, cost-effective return-to-work plans, taking into consideration capacity and limitations.
  • Let MRIoA help your case managers integrate our disability reviews into their management of a case when an employee is absent from work, and determine if the absence is occupational or non-occupational in nature.
  • MRIoA can customize the review to help case managers find the answers and long-term solutions they are seeking that integrate with an employer's health plan/benefit plan.
  • MRIoA's focus will be to provide a determination/evaluation to help you manage employee disability and assist you in facilitating a timely and safe return to work.
  • MRIoA understands the challenges faced related to behavioral health, and we are experienced in providing review for behavioral disability.

MRIoA disability reviews cover basics, such as:

  • Patient limitations
  • Occupational duties and performance capabilities
  • Application of plan definitions to clinical information
  • Assignment of Total or Partial Disability

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