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Quality Assurance for Medical, Pharmacy, Work Comp, and Disability Peer Review

Quality has always been a major focus at MRIoA and is an area in which both clients and auditors consistently recognize and applaud the high quality of our products. As part of our continuous quality improvement process, MRIoA has implemented an improved approach in which quality is defined as client satisfaction. Simply stated, regardless of internal audits, assessments or compliance rates, if the client is not 100% satisfied with the product or service they received from MRIoA, improvement is necessary. Despite ongoing and evolving initiatives, the ultimate goal remains to exceed client expectations every time.

At MRIoA, Quality Management (QM): is embedded in the company culture, and is the responsibility of every employee and transcends all departments throughout the organization. MRIoA's philosophy is that "QM is a journey, not a destination."

A sampling of the processes or components in place to ensure our products exceed client expectations everytime includes:

QM Program

A viable, robust and proactive program including: Quality Improvement Projects; Quarterly Inter-rater Reliability Surveys; Complaint Resolution Process; Reviewer Assessment Process; Data and metric analysis; Continuing education; and, Annual Client Satisfaction Survey

"Real-time" Quality Audits

A quality audit is completed by analysts, auditors and/or clinical professionals on 100% of reviews prior to finalization of review reports and release to the client. 

  • Back-end Audits:
    • An internal quality audit is conducted on a percentage of completed cases to provide feedback to internal auditors, managers, staff and/or reviewers
    • An accounting audit is conducted on 100% of invoices associated with completed reviews
  • Qualified Professionals:
    • Employees are dedicated to delivering quality products and committed to success
    • Reviewers are actively practicing specialists who meet stringent credentialing requirements
  • Credentials and associations:
    • A commitment to maintain all current accreditations, certifications and memberships

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