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Physician Reviewer Opportunities 

Medical Review Institute of America (MRIoA) has been an industry leader in physician peer review for over 30 years. We are continually seeking qualified physicians to participate in our Reviewer Panel. As an Independent Review Organization, we conduct independent/impartial reviews to ensure the services provided are in accordance with recognized standards of care and based on current scientific medical literature and guidelines. Our reviewers also review health plan coverage policies to determine if the patients treatment is covered. 

Conducting reviews allows a physician to lend an informed, objective voice to the review of coverage decisions, to provide recommendations for improving the quality of care, and to help shape health plan coverage policy to be consistent with the literature and current standards of practice. Performing these reviews will also allow you the opportunity to see how others in your specialty are making treatment decision. The reviews often are in reference to controversial, cutting edge treatment modalities, thereby allowing you to stay abreast of emerging technologies in your field. 

After successful credentialing, our Reviewers are assigned cases on a case by case basis. This allows the reviewer to determine their availability and hold a flexible schedule. Also, this ensures that the reviewer is comfortable and experienced with the issue in question. When assigned a case, the reviewer is expected to render an accurate, objective decision based on the facts of the case, scientific evidence and national or health plan criteria (as appropriate) in a timely manner. Each review requires a short summary of the facts of the case, rationale and citations of literature which supports your recommendation. 

Minimum Qualifications:
  • Board certified with ABMS (American Board of Medical Specialties), AOA (American Osteopathic Association), or applicable (U.S.) Medical Board
  • Must have 5 years of post-medical school experience
  • Hold a current unrestricted state license
  • Strong writing skills and computer skills; including word processing, web applications and email
  • Complete the below MRIoA Assessment and attach your CV

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