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Giving Back

MRIoA is built upon 20 value statements that guide us every day in our business relationships with our employees, reviewers, and clients. Some of these values include the following:

• We are Honest
• We act with Competitive Urgency
• We Cherish our Customers
• We are Hard Workers
• We are Committed to High Performance

Three years ago I added an additional value: We Give Back. Since that time MRIoA has funded and built a medical clinic in Ghana, West Africa, and partnered with Camp Kostopulos to build a Yurt and provide other valuable services to this important Salt Lake City charity. Late last year I was looking for a project for our company to participate in. There are so many wonderful causes; I was finding it difficult to choose just one. Then I decided to experiment with a new idea as follows: For every employee that volunteers a minimum of four hours at an MRIoA sponsored service project, we would donate $1,000 to the charity of their choice. I liked this because it accomplished two goals. First, it brings everyone together outside of the office serving those in needs. MRIoA has sponsored numerous projects so far this year including painting graffiti, cleaning hiking trails, working in food banks, and cleaning parks, among others. Our employees gather together in our blue shirts and work side by side. Second, it allows the employee to donate a meaningful sum to a charitable organization that’s important to them.

This year MRIoA will donate significant sums to a large variety of charities helping many in need. At MRIoA “We Give Back” isn’t just a tag line. It’s a value we live.

Bill Low, MBA

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