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Medical Review Institute of America (MRIoA) Sponsors SIIA 2022 National Conference

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Medical Review Institute of America (MRIoA) is excited to be a proud member and sponsor of the SIIA 2022 National Summit. Stop by  MRIoA’s booth 415 to talk about the recent regulatory requirements enacted across multiple states, what is mandatory and when.  MRIoA is currently helping many health plans, pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) and third-party administrators (TPAs) with same-state and specialty matching, step therapy exception process, and improved turn-around-times (TAT). We are poised to help you minimize any impact these regulations may have on your organization.

As the self-insurance industry “Engages” in the post-pandemic conference environment, MRIoA has evolved to provide value-add programs to support the equitable, affordable, regulatory, and alternative care options for healthcare organizations and patients that we will showcase at the SIIA 2022 National Summit.

MRIoA has a new PA Optimization™ program which:

  • Optimizes prior authorization (PA) programs
  • Reduces overutilization
  • Identifies inappropriate care
  • Reduces unnecessary care
  • Improves employee satisfaction

We offer a 2nd opinion program, MyCareChoices™ — Telehealth 2nd Opinion,  that:

  • Ensures evidence-based care and management of the patient condition
  • Provides patients with fast, reliable second opinions and conservative therapy options from world-class medical specialists

Our recently unveiled High-Cost Specialty Drug Review:

  • Helps health plans, TPAs and PBMs implement cost-saving solutions
  • Uses evidence-based guidelines to influence prescriber acceptance of therapeutic recommendations or help change the prescribing habits for high-cost drugs in treating medical conditions where lower cost drug alternatives are available
  • Ensures employees have access to the right medications at the right time at the right costs

We are MRIoA:

  • Providing services to more than 50% of all third-party administrators
  • Monitoring and maintaining compliance across all regulatory agencies
  • Delivering technology enabled review services, increasing employee satisfaction and decreasing costs of overutilization
  • Providing benchmarking analytics and empowering employees by offering them alternative choices through patient-focused telehealth 2nd opinion services
  • Industry-leading <4 hours TAT on over 75% of qualified reviews
  • Over 35+ internal medical directors, 40+ pharmacists, 30+ nurses and 700+ physicians across 150+ specialties
  • Licensure in all 50 states
  • We meet all the industry standard accreditations – AND MORE!

      Medical Review Institute of America (MRIoA) Sponsors SIIA 2022 National Conference

Engage with one of our team members, Angela Muth, Tom Aranza and Randy Iskowitz at booth 415 during the SIIA 2022 National Summit to learn what MRIoA can do for your organization and your customers.  We look forward to seeing you in person at booth 415.  In the meantime, to learn more about MRIoA contact us at, 800-654-2422.

About Medical Review Institute of America, LLC, (MRIoA). Founded in 1983, Medical Review Institute of America, LLC (MRIoA) is the top medical review company in the United States. With the largest, most extensive review network, industry-leading turnaround times (TATs), and UR licensing in all states that require it, our professionalism, enthusiasm and collaborative approach are transforming clinical care delivery nationwide. MRIoA is a technology-enabled provider of clinical insights to payers and patients through analytics and evidence-based clinical opinions derived from independent specialty reviews and virtual 2nd opinion solutions that empower better decision-making.


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