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MRIoA Partnership With Camp K

As our ‘MRIoA gives back’ initiative this year, we have partnered with Camp Kostopulos. Camp Kostopulos (or Camp K), is a summer/day camp located in Salt Lake City that is dedicated to improving the lives of people with disabilities through recreation, education, and growth opportunities. Since 1967, they have offered recreational opportunities to individuals of all ages and abilities.  Camp K was beginning to outgrow its facilities, and needed a new space to hold some of their indoor activities. To that end, MRIoA employees have raised $12,500, with the company itself matching another $12,500 to purchase a new yurt for the camp to use.

In addition, MRIoA employees have pledged to volunteer at the camp for the coming year. While some employees are volunteering on an individual basis, assisting the camp with their summer programs; others take part in larger, company planned service projects. The first such project involved beautifying and getting the funded yurt ready for the summer season. MRIoA employees and their families cleared out dirt and rocks around the yurt, build rock walls, laid gravel paths, and dug a 20 foot long trench later used to get electricity to the yurt.

We look forward to having more service opportunities with Camp K as the year continues.

Steven Baker, Customer Service Supervisor

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