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Reviewer Satisfaction in Conducting Reviews

Conducting reviews allows a physician to lend an informed, objective voice to the review of coverage decisions, to provide recommendations for improving the quality of care, and to help shape health plan coverage policy to be consistent with the literature and current standards of practice. Performing these reviews will also allow you the opportunity to see how others in your specialty are making treatment decision. The reviews often are in reference to controversial, cutting edge treatment modalities, thereby allowing you to stay abreast of emerging technologies in your field.

We have been told by our reviewers that the experience gained is invaluable. It provides opportunity to stay abreast with current literature which helps in treating patients and increases knowledge in other areas of the healthcare industry. This review process affords our MD reviewers the opportunity to supplement their income while maintaining their active practices. Below are a few direct quotes from some of our reviewers.

“Great company to work for. Easy to reach case assigner if needed or customer service with questions. Web site is very user friendly. Notification of newly assigned cases is timely via email. I work for a bunch of different review companies and MRIOA is definitely my favorite.”

“Reviews are a great way to break up the monotony of practice and I find them very enjoyable getting to use my clinical knowledge. The website is very user friendly and email notification lets me know as soon as a case is posted (very efficient). All the staff at MRI is extremely nice and professional…and they are very appreciative of the work we do. The medical directors are accessible, nice and knowledgeable. The chocolate they send during the holiday season is something my family and I look forward to every year, and it is a nice gesture to show appreciation for my work.”

I find case reviews to be highly educational and interesting. They help me to understand more about current and new methods of evaluation and treatment and how to best apply evidence-based guidelines to my clinical activities. I enjoy speaking to physicians all over the country and comparing their clinical activities to mine.”

“Performing medical reviews with MRIoA keeps me up-to-date with current medical literature, evidence-based guidelines, current clinical trials and results, and allows me to have an insight on how other specialists in my field treat different diagnoses and cases. As a bonus, it is a good source of extra income.”

At MRIoA we take pride in the satisfaction of our reviewers and are constantly working on ways to make the process more efficient for them. Without our reviewers we would not be in business. We are grateful for their continued efforts to lend an informed, objective voice to the review process.

Andrea Oliveira, Director of Provider Relations

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