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The MRIoA Way


At the heart of everything we do at Medical Review Institute of America is a set of tenets called The MRIoA Way. These tenets outline our President’s vision and expectations for how we do business.  The MRIoA Way guides each employee in their duties, whether they work in clinical auditing, accounting, customer service, or any other department.

The MRIoA Way:

We are honest

We have high ethical standards

We live by the rules

We have a passion for growth

We act with competitive urgency

We work with a sense of positive discontent

We are never satisfied with the status quo

We realize the Customer drives our business

We cherish our MRI family members

We cherish our customers

We spend money as if it were our own

We are hard workers

We are professional

We are enthusiastic

We are thorough

We are strong willed

We are committed to high performance

Our work is important to us

We are the best medical review company in the country; therefore, we act that way

 So what does The MRIoA Way mean to our customers?

It means that when you call our case analysts, customer service representatives, marketing representatives, or billing specialists, you can expect to converse with an engaged and professional employee who is committed to providing the best customer service possible.

It means you can expect honesty, integrity, and confidentiality from every employee who handles a case throughout the entire review process.

It means we value our customers and make your concerns and requests a priority.

It means that we are developing new training methods and re-organizing departments to increase efficiency and not simply maintain the status quo.

It means that despite industry-leading turnaround times and a client satisfaction rate of 97.7%, we strive to perform even better.

In short, The MRIoA Way means that our customers are doing business with the best medical review company in the country.  Our goal is to act in such a way that after every review and every interaction, our customers will agree with that statement.

Steven Baker, Supervisor, Customer Service and Distribution