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The Status Quo

It’s all too natural and easy to feel the urge to rest on your laurels once you’ve accomplished something big or have reached the pinnacle of your field. But complacency is the enemy of progress, and one who rests for too long will soon see themselves sliding back into mediocrity. At MRIoA, we do our best to avoid allowing our status as an industry leader in medical review cause us to be complacent and simply glide along. One of the tenets of the MRIoA Way (our guiding principles) is that ‘We are never satisfied with the status quo’. We don’t want to simply maintain, we want to be continually striving for improvement.

With this mindset, the Customer Service team has implemented several changes recently to ward off complacency and challenge ourselves to reach ever raising heights of efficiency and client satisfaction. The most significant of such changes has been a complete overhaul of our distribution process on Federal External Review cases. This overhaul was undertaken to drastically limit the chance of human error causing a HIPAA violation, and has in turn ensured that the patients and providers of these cases obtain their information and notification in a timely and error-free manner. Additionally, we have revamped our reviewer follow-up protocols, having a more consistent follow-up and notification process. These new protocols give our reviewers ample notification of upcoming cases and have helped keep our TAT times consistent through a period of volume increase.

Along with these changes, a recent schedule alteration has given the Customer Service team better coverage than ever, allowing us to always be fully staffed, even in the early morning and late evening shifts, which had been subject to staff shortages. All of these changes have allowed the Customer Service team to better serve our clients, reviewers, and other departments; and have helped stave off any sense of complacency or satisfaction with the status quo.

Steven Baker, Customer Service Supervisor

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