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Bypass or Streamline the PA Process

With Provider Gold Carding Solutions from MRIoA

Recognize Provider Strength through Gold Card Services

Provider Gold Card Services™ involve granting certain providers the ability to bypass or streamline the prior authorization process based on their history of high-quality care and adherence to evidence-based guidelines. MRIoA’s Gold Carding solution eases the strain on internal staff, reduces cost, ensures the right care, and helps you stay compliant.

Physician Gold Carding Delivers Value for Payers and Providers

Compliance with new or existing gold card regulations creates an immense burden, taking focus and resources away from other strategic initiatives. MRIoA’s Provider Gold Card Services™ streamlines compliance, reduces costs, and eases the burden of medical review processes across multiple states.

MRIoA Physician Gold Carding Delivers Proven Value for Payers and Providers

Comprehensive Compliance

Payers ensure their medical review processes are in line with state and federal requirements

Network of Licensed Specialists

A panel of licensed specialists in each state verifies full compliance with state regulations

Reduced Strain on Internal Resources

External support relieves the immense review burden, enabling payers and providers to focus on delivering quality care

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MRIoA Provider Gold Carding Delivers Proven Value for Payers and Providers

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