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MRIoA Serves Patients, Payers & Providers

Advocating for the Best Interests of All Participants in the Healthcare System

Revolutionizing Healthcare Delivery: MRIoA Paves the Way for Precision Care and Streamlined Processes

With MRIoA, you truly can deliver the “right care, at the right time, in the right place” by streamlining clinical decisions, creating a clear path for prior authorization, and offering expert second opinions and utilization review services.

For 30 years we have partnered with many of the country’s largest health plans, PBMs, TPAs, government entities and self-insured employers, with a proven track record of success.

Client Groups

Provide Peace of Mind With Second Opinions

For patients and their advocates, our MyCareChoices™ virtual second opinion solution empowers better healthcare choices through external clinical reviews that validate medical opinions, help avoid misdiagnosis, and uncover appropriate conservative therapies.

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Reviews That Help You Improve Patient Outcomes

MRIoA’s expert medical reviews, conducted by highly qualified and experienced healthcare professionals, ensure independent assessment of medical cases, unbiased evaluations, and support quality assurance and regulatory compliance.

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Transforming the Member Experience

For health plans, MRIoA improves the member experience by providing trusted clinical guidance, second opinions and appropriate utilization analytics and benchmarking that reduce costs and improve the quality of care for patients.

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Pharmacy Reviews You Can Count On

MRIoA provides pharmacy utilization review services and utilization management analytics that optimize member outcomes, control clinical costs, and ensure members have access to the right medications at the right time.

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Utilization Management for TPAs

For TPA’s, MRIoA offers utilization review solutions so you can ensure appropriate care while reducing costs. Our Nurses and Medical Directors work with your internal resources to assist with overflow or support your UM program needs.

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Utilization Management for the Public Sector

MRIoA helps government entities improve member outcomes, meet their quality metrics goals, and ensure payment integrity by providing thorough, professional clinical and utilization review services and appropriate utilization analytics.

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Utilization Management for Employers

MRIoA empowers self-insured employers by providing trusted clinical guidance and second opinion solutions that help you decrease costs and increase member satisfaction by providing conservative treatment options.

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Workers’ Compensation

Worker’s Compensation clients can leverage our clinical expertise, data-driven insights, and collaborative approach to streamline their utilization review and clinical review programs.

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Taft Hartley

Taft Hartley Plans can leverage our extensive clinical expertise, collaborative approach, and data-driven insights to streamline your utilization review and clinical review programs.

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