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Technology-Enabled Independent Clinical Reviews

Utilize MRIoA’s Solutions Platform to Streamline Clinical Review Processes

Utilize MRIoA’s Automation Platform to Streamline Clinical Review Processes

MRIoA has spent decades perfecting our suite of complementary applications, allowing our team and our clients to automate repetitive and time consuming tasks, improve accuracy and streamline workflows.  Within a secure cloud infrastructure, our user-friendly, modularized technology stack advances automation by:

Eliminating Redundant Processes and Manual Data Entry
Providing a Scalable and Reliable Platform for Medical Reviews
Delivering Real-Time Tracking and Reporting
Seamlessly Integrating into Healthcare Systems’ Workflows

ClientTools™ include an integrated case submittal process and fully customizable submittal forms, workflows, robust reporting capabilities, and access control.

MRIoA uses a nationwide network of board-certified physicians and professionals in all specialties and subspecialties of medicine that are in active practice. Reviewer Tools™ provides a simple interface for our review panel to access patient records, submit reviews, collaborate, learn and engage through a phone app and web-based platform.

It is more important than ever to integrate systems, work from a single source of truth, and ensure seamless data flow between our platform and yours. With APIDirectConnect™, you can reduce IT costs and increase trust in the performance of technical integrations.

MRIoA’s APIDirectConnectTM solution significantly improves your operational efficiency while reducing the cost of data entry through a smooth, simple, connected API application.  Our standard solution connects directly to your case processing system or through an UM/CM workflow platform, facilitating realignment of  operational resources to higher ROI activity over data entry and duplicate documentation.

Reduce Admin Costs with Shortened Case and Documentation Submission Time
Improve TAT by Getting Clinical Reviews Directly through Your Current System
Enable Data Standardization for Access to Advanced UM Analytical Review
Strengthen Your Data Integrity by Minimizing User Input Errors
Streamline Processes for Optimizing Clinical Reviews Within Your Own System
Retain Full Access to Member and Patient Medical History Data
Ensure Data Security and Patient Data Regulatory Compliance
Facilitate Collaboration for Sharing and Securing Member/Patient Data

MRIoA’s Direct to Client System connection allows our clinical staff of physicians, nurses and pharmacists to utilize our clients’ own case processing systems when reviewing and processing cases, seamlessly integrating workflow as we apply clinical guidance and ensure appropriate care.

Whether you are a health plan, third-party administrator or pharmacy benefit manager, our Direct to Client Systems deliver cost savings, enhanced communication, better patient care and informed decision-making.

Our internal case processing tool set leverages artificial intelligence to facilitate and enhance the processing of clinical cases for quality and independent clinical reviews.  Proprietary software automates appropriate elements of case analysis, including data extraction, pattern recognition, grammar correction and decision support, improving the efficiency, consistency and quality of final clinician reviews.

At MRIoA, we believe that there is no substitute for true clinical expertise, and selectively leverage technology to augment our experienced team and produce the highest quality output.

We deploy AI and large language models wisely to automate the movement of data, aid human decision-making and clean-up language, but at no time are these tools used where there is PHI involved.  Additionally, every review, per our policy, has a final review performed by a clinician, and none of the content of our reviews is derived using AI tools.

Enhance Efficiency by Automating Manual Tasks such as Data Extraction
Improve Quality by Identifying Potential Gaps or Areas Of Improvement
Reduce Patient Costs by Using Clinical Time to Deliver Appropriate Care
Boost Accuracy by Processing Cases Quickly and Identifying Trends