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Bring Proactive, Virtual Second Opinions to Your Members

Give Members Access to Second Opinions from World-Class Specialists from the Comfort Of Their Own Homes

Your Proactive Medical Second Opinion Specialists

MyCareChoices™ is a digital, telehealth-enabled, healthcare platform that provides patients with fast, reliable second opinions and conservative therapy options from world-class medical specialists, protecting against misdiagnosis and suboptimal treatment plans.

With MyCareChoices™, members better understand their diagnosis and treatment options, and payers average $800K per 100K members in savings by reducing unneeded procedures.  On a recent member survey, when asked “How would you rate the Overall MCC experience (1-5)?,” our client’s members gave MRIoA’s second opinion program a 5.

Best of all, this solution is seamless to implement as part of your standard PA process and requires no IT integration.

Appropriate Care And A Positive Member Experience

Features of MyCareChoices™ include:

A proactive second opinion from MRIoA ensures appropriate care and a positive member experience – alongside reducing unnecessary or overutilized procedures.

Pairing medical second opinions with approved PAs creates a holistic solution to increase proper utilization and helps patients avoid unnecessary surgery
Proactive member outreach with higher member engagement and improved member satisfaction ratings
Integrated health education platform that stands head and shoulders above our competitors increases patient knowledge
Simple implementation with no IT integration required (API available if desired)

Why Offer A Medical Second Opinion Program?

MyCareChoices™ is a member-driven, voluntary second opinion program that gives your members access to a specialist review of their procedure

Benefits to your members:

No travel or time off work required

Fast turnaround with no long waits for access to a specialist

Easy to use

Peace of mind

Benefits to your health plan or TPA

Clear competitive advantage

Cost containment

Member retention

Easy to implement with no IT integration required

Member Journey – MyCareChoices Process

1. Sends file to MyCareChoices

Members are eligible when surgery date is greater than seven (7) days from when the prior authorization is submitted

2. Outreach to Member

MyCareChoices™ analyst will reach out to the member, enroll them in the program and schedule consult

3. Education Portal

Members will then receive a link to the education portal

4. Records Collection

MyCareChoices™ will collect all necessary records on behalf of the member

5. Specialist Review

Members will have access to our panel of specialist MDs

6. Consult

Member will have a 30-minute consult with an MRIoA clinician. If needed, MRIoA will reach out to the provider for a discussion as well

Member Testimonials

Drive Cost Savings and Elevate Patient Care

Experience valuable data insights, cost savings, and faster decision-making with our innovative technology and patient-centered approach. A ClearPath to Clinically Relevant Simplicity.

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