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PA Optimization™ Enables You to Prior Authorize What You Need and Stop What You Don’t

Reduce unnecessary care by $1.7M annually or $10M in 3 years per 100K members by identifying the right procedures to Prior Authorize. Interested in providing the right patient care initially?

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Optimize Prior Authorizations With Benchmarking & Analytics

Over- and underutilization that results from outdated or understaffed PA programs can lead to member frustration as well as higher aggregate service costs. Compare your current PA list (average of 1,100 PA categories) vs. MRIoA PA Optimization Platform™ (5,500 PA Categories) powered by MRIoA Insights™ and backed by more than 10M reviews


Optimize your PA program with MRIoA’s Prios Authorization Data Set derived from more than 10 million reviews and nearly 40 years of helping Health Plans and TPAs reduce overutilization and inappropriate care. With MRIoA, you ensure the right care at the right place at the right time.

Guaranteed ROI

Based on increasing/optimizing your PA program through data analytics powered by MRIoA Insights™

Denial Education Portal

Helps members explore options

Digital Decisioning

Will soon be available, offering algorithmic auto-reviews to reduce administrative costs

Streamline the Process with Provider Gold Carding

MRIoA guarantees* fees if the PA reviewed by MRIoA clinical staff does not generate savings to your organization
*Requires client claims analysis