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Medical Review Institute Of America (MRIoA) Recently Held Its Bi-Annual Executive Client Council (ECC)

March 31, 2021 Medical Review Institute of America (MRIoA) recently held its bi-annual  Executive Client Council (ECC). The invitation-only Council is comprised of healthcare’s most influential executives and collectively represents over 34% of all insured persons in the United States. During this ECC discussion, the members focused on 2021 Top 10 priorities and virtual 2nd opinion solutions that health plans, third-party administrators (TPAs) and pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) are using to empower patients with alternative healthcare treatments.  

Ferris Taylor of HealthCare Executive Group served as the guest speaker to provide an industry-wide perspective on the Top 10 priorities for 2021.  Among the key findings, three emerged as the most compelling for ECC attendees.  Those included:

  • Consumer-centricity is now front and center.  Both payer (64%) and provider (53%) majorities indicate a stronger interest in and accelerated adoption of consumer-centric healthcare.
  • COVID-19 is driving increased interest in payment transformation.  Both payers and providers show increased interest in moving to value-based care models, particularly at the C-Suite level.
  • Payers and providers believe new regulations will have a positive impact on preparedness for future pandemics. The majority of payers (58%) and providers (53%) believe the CMS Interoperability Rule for payers, the ONC Information Blocking Rule for providers, and other regulatory changes will prove beneficial.

MRIoA is helping to transform the member experience with simplified virtual access for patients that enables the best treatment options from prominent MD specialists. By creating deeper insights into prior authorizations (PA) and appeals relative to peers, MRIoA helps payers, providers, TPAs and PBMs provide patient-centered care in a more cost-effective way.  

Bob O’Brien, Executive of Best Care at MRIoA lead the discussion on the MyCareChoices™ – Your 2nd Opinion solution.  MRIoA’s virtual 2nd Opinion empowers patients with choices by providing evidence-based, reliable second opinions from world-class medical specialists, while saving up to $675,000 per 100,000 members (or a 3:1 ROI) for healthcare organizations and self-insured employers.

Learn more about the power of partnership with MRIoA to create new, transformative opportunities for your organization at and call 800-654-2422. Contact Dawn Maloney at and 801-265-6474.

About HealthCare Executive Group, The HealthCare Executive Group is a national network of select healthcare executives, thought leaders and experts of various disciplines who’ve come together to navigate the tactical and strategic issues facing the healthcare industry today.  HCEG was founded in 1988 by healthcare executives looking for a forum that offered an open exchange of ideas, opportunities for collaboration and transformational dialogue. 

About Medical Review Institute of America, LLC, (MRIoA), Founded in 1983, Medical Review Institute of America, LLC (MRIoA) is the top medical review company in the United States. With the largest, most extensive review network, industry-leading turnaround times (TATs), and UR licensing in all states that require it, our professionalism, enthusiasm and collaborative approach are transforming clinical care delivery nationwide. MRIoA is a technology enabled provider of clinical insights to payers and patients through analytics and evidence-based clinical opinions derived from independent specialty reviews and virtual 2nd opinion solutions that empower better decisioning.