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Medical Review Institute of America (MRIoA) Sponsors California Association of Health Plans (CAHP)

Medical Review Institute of America (MRIoA) is a proud sponsor of CAHP Annual Conference. Stop by the MRIoA booth 410 and we’ll talk about how California state regulationshave affected healthcare, what’s coming next and how we can help those organizations keep ahead of the changes.

With the ever-changing healthcare landscape, let MRIoA address some of today’s most pressing topics:

  1. Shortage of Behavioral Health Resources – Leverage our 32 psychiatrists who are ready to help with your clinical review demand and reduce overutilization while providing patients with faster decisions and improve the length of stay.
  2. CalAIMMRIoA’s Regulatory Monitoring service identifies state regulatory requirements to enhance capabilities and help you stay compliant.
  3. Waste in healthcare – Optimize your prior authorization (PA) program with our new Prior Authorization Optimization Platform™ to avoid unnecessary care which can equate to $1.7M savings in the first year per 100K lives.
  4. Telehealth 2nd Opinions – Provide your members with a virtual 2nd opinion offering through MyCareChoices™ Telehealth 2nd Opinion that delivers fast, reliable second opinions and conservative treatment options from world-class medical specialists and saves $800K per 100K lives annually. That’s a 3:1 ROI!
  5. Specialty Drugs – A recent pilot of MRIoA’s High-Cost Specialty Drug Review solution showed 60% of every 5 HAE cases were eligible for therapeutic interchange that would drive $1.7M in total savings.

We are MRIoA:

  • Providing services to all lines-of-business for health plans including Commercial, MediCal, Medicare, FEP and self-insured
  • Providing services to almost half the counties in all of California – serving numerous MediCal plans
  • Delivering technology enabled review services, increasing patient satisfaction and decreasing costs of overutilization
  • Providing benchmarking analytics and empower employees by offering them alternative choices through patient-focused telehealth 2nd opinion services
  • Industry-leading <4 hours TAT on over 75% of qualified reviews while maintaining the quality you expect
  • Over 35+ internal medical directors, 40+ pharmacists, 30+ nurses and 700+ physicians across 150+ specialties
  • We meet all the industry standard accreditations
  • Licensure in all 50 states

Engage with Adam Schilling and Randy Iskowitz during CAHP to learn more of what MRIoA can do for your organization and your members. We look forward to seeing you in person at our booth410. In the meantime, visit us at

About Medical Review Institute of America, LLC, (MRIoA). Founded in 1983, Medical Review Institute of America, LLC (MRIoA) is the top medical review company in the United States. With the largest, most extensive review network, industry-leading turnaround times (TATs), and UR licensing in all states that require it, our professionalism, enthusiasm and collaborative approach are transforming clinical care delivery nationwide. MRIoA is a technology-enabled provider of clinical insights to payers and patients through analytics and evidence-based clinical opinions derived from independent specialty reviews and virtual 2nd opinion solutions that empower better decision-making.

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